Obama’s Rep Slipping Through Oil Stained Fingers

It’s been a sad year for me as an Obama supporter. It’s painful to watch him make a liar out of himself time and time again. Bush war policies, domestic policies? Upheld. Offshore drilling? Allowed! Too big to fail? Kept!! Transparency? Nope, secret meetings!!! The list goes on and on.

CNN had three people from the Gulf to respond to Pres. Obama’s speech, but their analysis is that it’s too little too late. He should’ve been on TV on day 2. Obama has said “the buck stops with me”. So he has invited all the direct criticism against him. When will the leak be plugged. I don’t know, and I don’t think Obama knows either. He just hopes he can make enough speechs and photo ops to save face in the meantime.

Obama is going to be remembered as the politician that lied to and disillusioned an entire enthusiastic generation of young voters.


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