Re: The Woman That Feminists Hate Most

My response to

The Woman That Feminists Hate Most

from The Other McCain blog.

“Hi, first time reader and replier.

I’m a male, and a feminist. I read the post “Just Mommy”. I think it’s great that this woman found personal and spiritual fulfillment.

“there is one choice feminists don’t find acceptable, and “Just Mommy” made that choice”

I was curious; what choice is it that feminists don’t find acceptable? Could it be being a Mommy? I don’t think so. I certainly have nothing against that. Then I gave it some thought.

Being “just” a mom in this world seems a strange choice UNLESS you buy into the whole submission gig. Under that paradigm, another party (the husband and/or God) is the bread winner which allows the lady to be just a mommy. After all, who’s going to buy the diapers and food? Someone in the family needs to “wear the pants”. This is mainstream tradition, but it’s not a good one because it leaves the woman financially dependent. I think the feminist way to be is a mommy AND a [insert job title], if you can.

So I think I can identify the ill choice here, and that’s “submission” (filling the role of help-meet to a faithful and hard-working man, and looking forward to a life of (cover your eyes, feminists) submission to God’s will–and my husband’s). The definition of submission is surrendering power and control to another. I’m a young guy, not hip to marriage, but unless it’s standard for the man to submit to the wife and/or the mother isn’t “just” a mommy, it’s not a fair relationship.”


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