Obama’s Rep Slipping Through Oil Stained Fingers

It’s been a sad year for me as an Obama supporter. It’s painful to watch him make a liar out of himself time and time again. Bush war policies, domestic policies? Upheld. Offshore drilling? Allowed! Too big to fail? Kept!! Transparency? Nope, secret meetings!!! The list goes on and on.

CNN had three people from the Gulf to respond to Pres. Obama’s speech, but their analysis is that it’s too little too late. He should’ve been on TV on day 2. Obama has said “the buck stops with me”. So he has invited all the direct criticism against him. When will the leak be plugged. I don’t know, and I don’t think Obama knows either. He just hopes he can make enough speechs and photo ops to save face in the meantime.

Obama is going to be remembered as the politician that lied to and disillusioned an entire enthusiastic generation of young voters.

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Re: The Woman That Feminists Hate Most

My response to

The Woman That Feminists Hate Most

from The Other McCain blog.

“Hi, first time reader and replier.

I’m a male, and a feminist. I read the post “Just Mommy”. I think it’s great that this woman found personal and spiritual fulfillment.

“there is one choice feminists don’t find acceptable, and “Just Mommy” made that choice”

I was curious; what choice is it that feminists don’t find acceptable? Could it be being a Mommy? I don’t think so. I certainly have nothing against that. Then I gave it some thought.

Being “just” a mom in this world seems a strange choice UNLESS you buy into the whole submission gig. Under that paradigm, another party (the husband and/or God) is the bread winner which allows the lady to be just a mommy. After all, who’s going to buy the diapers and food? Someone in the family needs to “wear the pants”. This is mainstream tradition, but it’s not a good one because it leaves the woman financially dependent. I think the feminist way to be is a mommy AND a [insert job title], if you can.

So I think I can identify the ill choice here, and that’s “submission” (filling the role of help-meet to a faithful and hard-working man, and looking forward to a life of (cover your eyes, feminists) submission to God’s will–and my husband’s). The definition of submission is surrendering power and control to another. I’m a young guy, not hip to marriage, but unless it’s standard for the man to submit to the wife and/or the mother isn’t “just” a mommy, it’s not a fair relationship.”

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Hello World!

I had an idea. It was that I could collect the various blog comments I make and replies I get in my own blog. It’s a place where I can review old ideas and receive comment freely. So, here goes:

I heard a teenager say this at the airport: “Freedom isn’t free.” He was basically saying how excited he was to join the military one day because it was a way to serve the community and protect freedom. I never jump into strangers’ conversations but this time it was particularly hard to hold my tongue. I wanted to say to the kid that threats to our freedoms (of speech, of religion or lack there-of, of press, etc.) were way more likely to come from within. I said it to my girlfriend instead.

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